Welcome to Whimsicalwood.

This site features the wood-art and graphic work of David Stanley, plus instructional materials on the tools, techniques and processes I have used.

The various types of art work featured are loosely categorised under the headings of wood-art and graphics. Though these kinds of work may seem very different, there is considerable overlap in the materials used, their form and the techniques employed.

Wood-art includes:

Welsh lovespoon carving, other wood carving, boxes, clocks, automata, toys and hand-crafted jigsaw puzzles.

Grahics includes:

Drawing and painting, watercolour and acrylic, graphite, coloured pencil, pen and ink work, photo illustration and other digital work. Graphics also includes; rock painting, hand lettering, calligraphy and pyrography on wood.

The work shown on this site is not for sale. I do a limited number of commissioned pieces each year of more complex works, and those are undertaken for a mutually agreed upon, client-nominated price, after which I produce an approved design for the work.

Some of the work shown includes step-by-step documentation and some also includes more comprehensive step-by-step descriptions of the work.

In time I intend to add, detailed instructional materialsof a more comprehensive kind, with plans and patterns as downloadable pdf digital books. Some of these will be for free and the more detailed instructional material with patterns will be for sale, on a Shop Page to be added.


Wood art