Whimsicalwood-Graphic Work

The graphic work on this site consists of graphite pencil and coloured pencil drawing, ink drawing, line and wash painting and pyrography drawing. The line and wash painting includes the usual works on paper and displays the same techniques as used on painted rocks.

Rock painting has become a large proportion of my graphic work and some pages are dedicated to showing and describing the line and wash techniques, using acrylic inks on painted rocks.

Much of the graphite pencil drawing shown has been scanned and then colourised digitally using photoshop. This was a technique I used extensively with my illustration work prior to  retirement. I now work mostly with real materials.

Graphics Tutorials

On this page I have included a short tutorial on drawing and inking the line work on a painted rock, miniature art work. The techniques used are the same line and wash painting techniques that can be used on paper or other prepared surfaces.

Later I will be including instructional materials on general drawing techniques. Specific instructional material on rock painting using the line and wash technique and step-by-step examples. These more detailed, comprehensively illustrated and descriptive, instructional materials will be offered as downloadable pdf books for sale.

Graphic Work

Pyrography Gallery