Whimsicalwood-Dimensional Art

Dimensional art is essentially two dimensional pictorial work assembled from three dimensional materials that cast some shadow and display some surface form for pictorial effect. Cut paper elements can be assembled like a low relief sculpture to produce this effect. The paper can be monochrome or coloured, lightly embossed or otherwise shaped to convey depth in the pictorial work.

Many other materials can be used such as veneers, thin timbers, metal foils and even suitably prepared plant material. Model diorama techniques can be used for realistic effects. Low relief wood carving overlaps with the dimensional art category.

I have used cut paper constructions as scanned and or photographed elements, that can be assembled and colourised in photoshop as a dimensional illustration built into a picture with the prepared elements. A tutorial on using this technique will be added to the Graphics Tutorials Page.

About Dimensional Art