Whimsicalwood - Wood-Art

Wood-art as a section on this site has been loosely categorised under the headings of:

Lovespoon Carving

Other Carving

Automata and Toys

Hand-crafted Jigsaw Puzzles

There is some considerable overlap in the techniques I have used in the making of wood-art. Carving techniques have been employed in most of the categories. Various graphics techniques have also been used in all the categories I have nominated here. Likewise, some wood-art techniques have been aplied to  work that is predominately graphic in nature. Therefore the divisions I have made are a little arbitary.

A scroll saw or sometimes a hand fretsaw has also been used in most of these projects, but I haven't added a specific page for scroll-sawn work.

A page for Tools used in wood-art has been added to the Lovespoon Carving Pages but these tools are the ones I use for other wood-art.

I intend adding patterns and step-by-step instructional material for some projects, in the form of downloadable, pdf books for sale, in a future shop page.

whimsicalwood – wood-art