The carving of Welsh lovespoons is a traditional form of wood carving that dates to before the 17th century. It is part of a larger tradition of romantic spoon carving existing in many parts of the world in various forms.

The welsh lovespoon was an intricately worked wooden spoon, carved as a 'labour of love' from a single piece.  An extravagant gift of devoted careful work to be given in hope of a romantic relationship.

The care with which this single piece of selected timber was crafted purposed as it was as a non-functional, decorative keepsake and heirloom – signified the intensity and earnest of the giver's affection and dutiful attention.

Modern hand-carved lovespoons worked with the same respect for the art of lovespoon carving and the same affectionate intent toward the work and its recipient, can commemorate all maner of life events in the same significant way.

Bespoke designs can chronical a story of family history with symbols and motifs relevant to its recipients and endure as a cherished heirloom well into the future.

The lovespoons shown in these galleries are not for sale unless indicated. I carve Welsh lovespoons on commission from time to time, but only to a client nominated price, begining at A$300 for a simple design. All designs whether simple or complex, are carved and finished to the same standard of workmansip and finish.

I recomend History of Lovespoons by David Western

and Great book of Spoon Carving Patterns also by David Western, for a broader investigation of romantic spoon carving traditions.

About Welsh Lovespoons