Lovespoon gallery 1

Big Dragon Lovespoon is carved from a single piece of cherry and features two chain links to the top ring, a celtic knot heart, a large dragon descending the spoon handle, the initials 'L' and 'S', plant forms with flowers and small hearts. The celtic knot-work continues on the back with more of the plant form, flowers and hearts. A central larger heart contains an inscription.

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The Bound Heart lovespoon, carved from a single piece of Japanese maple, features a swivel at the top, twin connected bowls and a swinging lantern cage with loose ball. The front of the lovespoon also features a central heart containing an excavated knot in the timber. This 'wounded' heart motif is bound with gilded, carved cords. Aditional motifs include a rose, a daffodil, a puffin, a celtic cross, some celtic knotwork and the welsh dragon. the back of this lovespoon includes plant forms, a book and quill, acorn and oak leaves and a rugby ball.

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